Offering 2,500+ different products

SAP offers over 2,500 different products, which are subject to complex licensing rules and metrics, and cater for a variety of user types, hardware, databases and third-party plug-ins. 

Like many other vendors, SAP often changes its license metrics.

Not surprisingly, it can be challenging for SAP customers to stay up to date with the latest license configurations and difficult to interpret the vendor’s yearly system measurement metrics. The complexity of the licensing arrangements make it hard to understand whether you comply with your entitlement, which is a weak position from which to negotiate a new contract.

We analyse your current licensing position against your entitlement. Having established your true licensing position, we can then offer advice that will prepare you for both compliance audits and to negotiate a fair commercial deal for new contracts. This approach will lead to more predictable licensing budgets, reduce your exposure to SAP’s software audits, and maximise your return on investment as you better utilise your SAP software assets.

Who can benefit from our License Consulting Service for SAP?

Our License Consulting Service is designed for enterprises with significant investments in multi-year licensing agreements
from major vendors, including IBM, Oracle, SAP and VMware.

Why partner with Insight?

Our team of consultants has a blend of experience that includes IT procurement and software asset management, while some have also worked as employees of SAP in the past. This expertise ensures that we are able to help you to assimilate your SAP licensing position quickly and accurately.

Uniquely, the approach we take enables us to analyse how your users interact with SAP products, which, together with the information and experience our consultants have gained, and can provide compelling data to inform your license negotiations with the vendor.

Are you unsure what your business needs?

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