A popular business-critical
application database

Oracle has been one of the most popular databases for business-critical applications for many years. The company’s ULA (unlimited license agreement) licensing model has also proven popular with businesses who wish to pay an upfront fee for unlimited access to specific products for a fixed term – typically three years. ULAs sound simple, but there are many pitfalls, and at the end of the license term it is up to the customer to provide detailed usage statistics to Oracle, including products, processor and usage types.

As Oracle continues to focus on the use of software audits to raise its license revenues, many businesses are concerned about how to demonstrate compliance with Oracle’s license terms, and the consequences for their contract renewals.

We work with customers to help them minimise the risk of being audited, and for those facing an imminent audit, how to reduce the risk of a poor outcome. We will engage with you at multiple levels, working with your software asset manager and contract manager as well as your IT and finance teams, to ensure that you comply with your Oracle licensing terms and understand what a good deal looks like.

Who can benefit from Oracle license consulting?

Those corporate and enterprise businesses with significant investments in Oracle licensing, especially through ULAs,
will benefit most from our specialist license consulting services.

Why partner with Insight?

Our team of consultants has detailed, first-hand experience of Oracle licensing, having previously worked within Oracle as sales or licensing specialists. That insider knowledge, along with our proprietary database of historical licensing transactions, gives our customers a significant advantage when negotiating their own license deals. 

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