A growing portfolio of
software products

IBM offers a growing portfolio of software products. The complexity of its licensing rules, alongside the rapid pace of change, causes a lot of questions and uncertainty for its customers, who sometimes struggle to get clear answers. Unfortunately, many customers find that IBM’s proprietary licensing tool, ILMT, is difficult to use when they try to validate that their licensing aligns with their product usage. On top of this, IBM is very focused on growing software revenue on the back of software audits.

We analyse your current licensing position against your commercial agreements. Having established your true licensing usage, we can then offer advice that will prepare you for both compliance audits and to negotiate a fair commercial deal when renewing your contract with IBM.

As a result of our involvement with many IBM-based deals, we can also offer benchmarking to let you know how your proposal compares with others. Our approach will lead to more predictable budgeting for software purchases, reduce your exposure to IBM software audits, and maximise your return on investment as you make better use of your software assets.

Who can benefit from IBM license consulting?

Any IBM corporate or enterprise customer who feels uncertain about their ability to prove that they are compliant with
IBMs’ licensing agreements can gain significant benefits from our license consulting services.

Why partner with Insight?

With the benefit of our deep understanding of IBM’s licensing, and with access to our proprietary database of historical commercial licensing deals, we are perfectly placed to help you better understand IBM licensing, optimise your IBM software assets, significantly reduce your exposure to software audits and negotiate more favourable licensing renewal deals.

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