Take control of your software estate

Our service audits the status of your software licensing, covering products from all of your vendors. We will analyse your software estate, write a detailed compliance report and present you with a summary of our findings at an onsite meeting, preparing you fully in advance of any vendor licensing audit.

Business Challenge

The likelihood of at least one of your vendors requesting an audit is now higher than ever. Data collected by Gartner shows that revenue-motivated vendor license compliance audits are increasing for organisations of all sizes and industries.

If you don't have control of your software use and licensing, you are exposing your business to significantly higher costs and disruption as a result of an audit. Understanding and auditing software licensing requires specialist knowledge and expertise. Licensing models have become more complex as vendors vary them for virtual machines, multi-processors, thin clients, mobile devices, cloud-hosted applications and many other use cases.

"We were concerned about the implications for our business from a vendor software audit. Insight's Baseline Service reduced the risk to our business from having to manage a significant unbudgeted cost, which would have arisen as a result of non-compliant licensing."

Our Solution

Our process first examines your inventory and analyses actual usage information. We then compare your software use against procurement record, contacting vendors where necessary, to highlight any gaps that have arisen as a result of under or over-licensing.

Out technical experts are familiar with the latest licensing configurations from all of the major software vendors. This broad experience enables us to deliver the Baseline Service cost-effectively and fast, typically reporting back within an 8-week period. We have completed over 500 projects related to licensing and software asset management across EMEA in the past year.

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