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Microsoft SAM Solutions

Software Asset Management (SAM) is the development and implementation of a set of procedures and policies, enabling you to manage and optimise your software assets effectively. Your software licences are valuable assets, it's important to know what you have and how they're used

Overview, Offerings and Benefits


SAM helps determine what software licences you own, where they are deployed, when to retire and when you are eligible for new upgrades. SAM also helps you accurately recapture the costs and benefits associated with the investment in the software you use.  The Microsoft SAM Programme helps you make the most of your Microsoft software investment, and working with Insight, you gain a clear, structured framework to get you started.

The Microsoft SAM Programme helps Microsoft customers to make the most out of their software investment. It is designed to help you manage your Microsoft assets more effectively via a clear, structured framework.

Once you join the programme, you will work with Insight to review your Microsoft software licences. This creates a licence position giving you visibility of your Microsoft software estate.


Microsoft customers across all sectors are seeking information and advice on Software Asset Management. Insight is a trained and skilled Microsoft SAM partner, and offer a complimentary SAM session free of charge.

The SAM session allows us to explore clients' needs and requirements for SAM free of charge. The SAM session will provide clients with assistance to determine their next steps in SAM, and how Microsoft and its partners can help.

The complimentary SAM session is a minimum of 2 hours duration, however there is no restriction on duration if clients wishes to extend. The SAM session can be delivered face-to-face or via Live Meetings and videoconferencing. The session will include discussion on current issues around Software Asset Management within your organisation, the Microsoft SAM programme process and enrolment.


Benefits of Microsoft's SAM Programme:

  • A Licence report- giving you complete visibility of your Microsoft Licence estate - this is a great asset and can help you identify areas of under and over licensing across your business
  • Free place on a 1 day SAM BASICS training course, run by Microsoft across the UK.
  • SAM Optimisation assessment - evaluation of your current SAM practices to help you plan for further development to manage your software assets efficiently.
  • Access to Microsoft Financing to help fund your SAM Plan.
  • A Microsoft SAM Programme certificate - certifying your licenses for 12 months.
  • Access to free whitepapers and case studies.