Make a business case for your SAM platform

An independent needs assessment and technical review of state-of-the-art software asset management (SAM) tools helps organisations looking to invest in SAM software ans services to prepare a sound business case based on a realistic return on investment.

Business Challenge

Used within a framework of policies and processes, a SAM platform will enable you to better manage your software assets, including licensing. However, with a growing number of tools on the market, it's challenging to select exactly the right configuration for your business needs.

This service will reduce the risk of your wasting time and money by implementing a SAM platform that doesn't meet your needs. Our independence enables us to evaluate a number of solutions against your requirements, taking advantage of our extensive experience in deploying SAM tools.

"SAM deployment is not like choosing other commodity software. It's posisble to waste a lot of time and money if the platform you choose isn't fit for purpose. Insight's tool evaluation consultancy helped us to reach a 'right first time' choice."

Our Solution

The Tool Evaluation service is a detailed project, typically taking 4-6 weeks. We first document and analyse your needs by guiding your key stakeholders through a workshop. We consider a range of issues including hosted and cloud-based options, support for mobile devices, any sector-specific software needs and how you will deploy the tool within your software lifecycle management process. We then build a business justification based on the forecast return on investment analysis.

We will work with you to create an RFP before recommending a shortlist of vendors that we believe will be best able to meet your needs. Following the vendor presentations, out technical experts will provide independent due diligence on the proposals we receive, and help you make a final choice.

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