SAM for hosters service

We provide specially adapted software asset management services for businesses that offer hosting and managed services to their clients. Our dedicated baseline pre-audit service suits subscription-based licensing models, which enables us to analyse compliance month-by-month and satisfy the requirements of a software vendor audit.

Business Challenge

The rising popularity of cloud services has resulted in a surge in hosting and managed service providers that offer software as a service. Subscription-based license sales now constitute a sizeable market in their own right. The software industry wants to ensure that it receives the income it is due, and audit activity is increasing as a result.

The subscription-based licensing environment is very different from traditional perpetual licensing, which makes the auditing process more of a challenge. As a hosting business you must prove that your monthly licensing reconciles with the number of customers you have and the services to which they subscribe.

"Managing and reconciling subscription-based assets requires specialist knowledge and partnering with Insight has given us access to their highly experienced consultants"

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