Maintain your licensing and SAM expertise

This service provides vendor-specific training to help your team maintain their knowledge of the intricacies of software licensing. Suitable for organisations of any size, our Licensing and Software Asset Management (SAM) training will get you up to speed with the best practice in software asset management.

Business Challenge

Software licensing is an increasingly complex and fast-moving discipline. The proliferation of platform types has led to a new raft of licensing models as vendors vary them to cater for virtual machines, multi-processors, think clients, mobile devices, cloud-hosted applications as well as enterprise agreements.

Our trainers and consultants maintain their software vendor accreditation's and certifications by working closely with leading software partners including (but not limited to) Adobe, CA, Citrix, McAfee, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec and VMware.

"Vendors change their licensing rules regularly. We wouldn't want to negotiate high-level value licensing contracts without having a detailed understanding of the latest options."

Software Licensing Training

Our licensing training courses address:

  • The basis of aoftware licensing
  • Purchase and licensing programme options
  • Usage rights
  • Virtualisation licensing
  • Data centre solutions

SAM Training

Our Software Asset Management training includes:

  • SAM responsibilities
  • SAM processes
  • Implementing a SAM programme

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