Streamline your software management

This service will ensure that your software management processes are robust and efficient across the whole software lifecycle. Typically by organisations over 250 seats, we'll help you to deliver cost savings and improve compliance.

Business Challenge

It's common for business to grow and acquire new technologies faster than they can put processes in place to manage them. Company mergers and acquisitions can also disrupt asset management, as teams try to bring together disparate processes and systems.

Without robust lifecycle management policies in place, IT teams can become non-compliant with licensing, overspend on new software when it's not needed, and impede the deployment of new applications to end users.

"Insight's review of our software asset management services was fast and effective. We now have policies in place that enable us to get the best from our investment in software asset management tools."

Our Solution

Typically, your finance, IT and procurement teams will be involved in our workshops to understand what key stakeholders want from the software asset management lifecycle. After gathering your requirements we will document your software use policies and define processes for the entire lifecycle, including requests for software, procurement, deployment, license key management, compliance, retirement and harvesting.

Once we have an understanding of how your current processes operate, we will recommend ways to improve them and any new processes or policies required. We will also look at any changes in behaviour that will help personnel improve the organisation's approach to software asset management. Finally, we will document the new processes and policies to enable you to more effectively manage you software assets in-house.

Our consultative approach takes just a few weeks from start to finish. We deliver processes that are meaningful and workable, reducing your risk of over under-licensing. Implementing your new processes will prepare you to face future vendor audits.

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