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Your software licensing position changes constantly, and the growing complexity of software licensing has seen software asset management become a specialist discipline in its own right. However, it’s difficult to recruit people with the right skills, and expensive to keep them trained and up to date with licensing changes across a broad range of vendor software. As a result, many organisations find that it’s uneconomic to manage their software assets in-house. 

Our flexible License Consulting Desk (LCD) is a managed service that combines foundation helpdesk consulting with three optional services to help you maintain, manage and optimise your software assets across the whole software lifecycle, including managing your contracts, software portfolio, licenses and procurement.

Foundation Services

Our Foundation Service provides access to our helpdesk for licensing advice, and each quarter we offer a business review as well as software and licensing updates.

Optional LCD Modules


We maintain your software inventory, advise on contract management and assist in the procurement process.


We regularly align the software inventory with your license entitlement whilst providing access to our audit management team, which helps you to better use existing entitlements to meet new demands.


We consider your future licensing strategy and align it with your current entitlement. This services helps you to manage the impact of changes to the licensing contract and assists in vendor negotiations.

Who can benefit from License Consulting Desk services?

Organisations of all sizes can benefit from this managed service, from those operating
over 250 desktops to the largest global enterprises.

Why partner with Insight?

Our unrivalled experience in vendor-independent license consulting helps organisations to manage their software assets more effectively and efficiently.

Our team of world-class licensing experts and access to our in-house benchmarking database enables us to devise licensing strategies that provide our clients with a competitive advantage. We help ensure that you remain compliant with your contractual obligations; maximise your return on investment by ensuring that license acquisitions are in line with your strategy; adapt licensing in line with acquisitions and mergers; review opportunities for cost reduction by avoiding over-licensing and ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for future vendor software audits.

License Consulting Desk Datasheet

Are you unsure what your business needs?

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