Reduce software licensing costs

Our Licensing Consulting Services (LCS) is based on a proven process that begins with a baseline review of your software assets. We extrapolate your current deployment position to accurately forecast your future needs, and use commercial benchmarks to create a long-term optimised licensing strategy that will significantly reduce your renewal costs.

Business Challenge

Your IT and procurement teams face a number of challenges in optimising software licensing to get the best from your investment. For example, without robust software asset management processes in place you can end up paying for duplicate licenses or software that nobody uses, while inaccurate forecasting of future needs weakens your negotiating position come renewal time. Without access to licensing benchmarks, it's impossible to know whether you are getting a competitive deal or not.

"Combining best-practice asset management with Insight's expertise in software licensing enabled us to cut our renewal costs by 30%"

Our Solution

LCS is a well-defined, project based consulting engagement that typically takes between 6-8 weeks. We run a series of workshops to establish your current licensing position and assess the strategies available to you, including use of the cloud. A future deployment workshop will enable us to apply our unique methodologies and proprietary tool analysis techniques, which will provide a forecast of your likely needs over the next seven years - typically sufficient to cover two refresh cycles.

Having established your needs, we use our licensing database to compare your needs against the outcomes of real contract agreements, equipping your procurement teams with the information they need to negotiate successfully.

As well as providing a long-term licensing strategy, LCS will provide a solid foundation for any software vendor audits that you might face in the short term.

We delivered over 100 LCS projects last year, resulting in average license renewal savings of 30%. Where appropriate, our business model can reflect the shared success of the project where our fees include a percentage of your savings.

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