Professional support through a software audit

When a vendor audits your software licensing, we will stand alongside you to provide professional, experienced support to manage the process with the least disruption, while minimising the costs. Typically suited to organisations with sizeable IT estates, this service collects the data that your vendor demands and provides expert insight to help you reach a fair and reasonable settlement

Business Challenge

Software audits can be hugely disruptive to an organisation. Business report that the most challenging aspect of an audit is the amount of time it consumes. Other worries include increased anxiety, damage and credibility and problems locating licensing information.

"Calling on a resource that could understand our licensing arrangements inside and out save us weeks of time in preparing the data for our vendor. We were able to present our licensing status from a position of authority, which gave us peace of mind through negotiations."

Our Solution

We know exactly what information, data and the level of detail each vendor will need from you. We can use our many years of experience to five them the bare minimum of what is required, reducing your risk, whilst still fulfilling their requirements.

We have performed hundreds of software audits for major organisations across the world. We have a clear understanding of what vendors expect to see in order to consider a customer to be compliant. we also know the common mistakes that vendors make, and have the authority to challenge them on your behalf.

We will come-on-site, and work as an extension to your own team, leading the audit, rather than letting you be led by the vendor

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