Manage and automate IT operations

Many IT teams find themselves reacting to day-to-day IT challenges, which leads to them becoming stretched and inefficient, with less time to manage change and innovation. A lack of visibility and control of your IT platform is often the root cause of your IT team becoming over-worked, which can also lead to delays in troubleshooting issues, extended downtime and increased support costs.

As IT services become increasingly ‘hybridised’ between on-premise and external cloud-hosted resources, a growing challenge for IT teams is to manage services as they move locations over their lifecycle.

Our hybrid cloud solutions help businesses to better manage their IT operations by providing tools that improve monitoring and alerting, control and management, and automation. By making your IT platform more visible and manageable, and by automating key tasks, we help you drive efficiency, cost savings and reliability, enabling you to meet service level agreements. By introducing policies to automate processes, we can streamline the management of IT services between on-premise and hosted cloud platforms, which drives performance and enables you to focus on strategic initiatives.

Who can benefit from IT Operations Management and Automation?

Organisations across all sectors will benefit from improved visibility, management and automation of their IT operations, especially those with more than 50 virtual machines. Additionally, if you are operating an on-premise or hosted data centre, or considering Azure, AWS or vCloud Air to extend your on-premise infrastructure, you will benefit from automated IT operations management.

Why partner with Insight?

In place of multiple, unintegrated monitoring and management platforms that are expensive to operate and difficult to use, we plan, build and manage a streamlined operations management platform that provides enterprise-wide visibility through a single ‘pane of glass’ across your private and public cloud infrastructure.

Our IT operations management solutions help to prevent issues before they occur, reducing business downtime, improving quality of service and freeing up time for your in-house IT teams. By improving visibility we also help you to take a more proactive approach to capacity planning and optimisation, helping to reduce hardware costs and more accurately predict budgeting for procurement cycles.

Are you unsure what your business needs?

Every business has a vision of the future. But if your IT and Infrastructure don't reflect that vision, how far can you expect to go? Planning and strategy are essential in an era of rapid growth. It identifies your strengths. It flags potential weaknesses, and it allows your business more fiscal and creative flexibility in the days to come. 

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