EMS Combines:

  • Identity
  • Mobile Management
  • Security
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) helps companies to enable employees use mobile devices for work-related tasks. Next to accessibility, EMM must have a strong focus on security to ensure business-critical data protections in the best possible way.
One of the biggest challenges for any EMM strategy is to find the optimum balance between offering tools users need to work on mobile devices and implementing busines-grade security. 

1000s of Apps, 1 Identity

Mobile Identity and Access Management (IAM): security that only trusted (corporate-authorised) devices and users access enterprise applications.


Enterprise Grade Security for your oragnisation

Mobile Content Management (MCM): provision of secure access to corporate content on mobile devices.


Keep work, at work

Mobile Application Management (MAM): the delivery and administration of enterprise software to end users' mobile devices.


Manage iOS, Android, Windows from one place

Mobile Device Management (MDM): a secure way to deploy (privately owned) mobile devices within enterprise.

5 Microsoft reasons why Service Providers will love EMS

  1. EMS is part of CSP, Microsoft's cloud offering for service providers, which EMS is easily available and deployed at far lower costs than any on-premise solution. Besides, it is always up-to-date and doesn't require any technical interference by the end user.
  2. Create new revenue opportunities through upsell and cross-sell by combining Office 365 with related services and solutions in order to give end users freedom to work securely from virtually anywhere, on any device.
  3. Service Providers can choose to offer EMS as a standalone software suite or as a service, in which the service provider monitors and manages the end user's mobile ecosystem, thus creating a fixed revenue model.
  4. Every team has a need for enterprise mobility management, turning it into an ice breaker to start or renew the sales process.
  5. Service providers can integrate or combine business-grade mobility management with their existing IT offerings in the cloud, thus offering higher value. This can be applied to any business sector e.g. finance, healthcare, government etc.

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